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a vagina in need of a wash
i made the mistake of falling in her stench trench
by harry lingard March 28, 2003
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Unwashed, smelly vagina
I went down for a chew but her stench trench was a real minger
by RockMink November 09, 2004
A slightly wiffy 'Kipper Canyon' qv
She'd just got back from Yoga and had a bit of a Stench Trench, it was like sucking on a lead acid battery
by Simon C June 18, 2004
smelly rancid vagina
you can smell her stench trench from two streets away
by Davey1 October 13, 2006
A particularly foul smelly example of the female genitalia.
Tom likes to slobber over Mrs Roper's stenchtrench
by Haha March 17, 2003
1) the anus/the dirt-box

"New" meaning possibly introduced by Bizarre magazine, who used it this way whilst stating that their magazine was anal-sex-obssessed

2) the vagina
1) "anal - dedicated to the stench trench"
2) "don't ever eat out a whore's stench trench!"
by su france 2 July 16, 2011
The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.
"Hey dude watch yourself, keep away from her stench trench!"
by Sam the man November 27, 2003

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