The act of being fly, "G," or doing something your frirnds think is "straight up dope." Can be used to describe a cool or fly persons swag in the right context. Can also be used to describe the degree of flyness a person is at when reffering to a stellar level of flyness.
Joe: "Look at what I'm wearing son!"
Max: "Damn you must be on the stellaflynessism swag."
Joe: "You already know."

Bert: "Bro did you get the papers and the weed?"
Davis: " Yerp, I got paper and hella dope weed."
Bert: "By the end of tonight were gonna be on the stellaflynessism high, mach 10 son."
Davis: "Lets roll and spark."
by doctot b. May 12, 2010

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