Wife beating juice.

Okay, so, not literally. So-Called thanks to its high alcohol percentage and it has a tendancy to get you very drunk and very aggresive very quickly.

Still easily the nicest lager available.
Man 1: "Been on the wife beating juice tonight?"
Man 2: "I fu*hiccup*ing love you I do! You're my besht fr*hiccup*iend!"
by MindblowN January 18, 2004
Top Definition
reassuringly expensive
by Ron May 17, 2003
Wife Beating juice. Works well on blocked drains, too.
Get me another stella before I crack your head open, bitch.
by Danski November 05, 2003
Stella is the phooking daddy!

stella is fermented blond pils with an alcohol content of 5.2% abv. Only the very best barley and hops selected for this beer.
Geeza No1: I was on thy most holy stella last night

Geeza No2: Wake up on the bus again mate?
by KickArseKenny November 18, 2004
Some truly amazing beer. Yes it is expensive but it makes up for that in taste. Its great cause it doesn't taste too strong even though it has a high alcohol percentage 5.2%. I love it, have had some good experiences.... like getting drunk with hot soccer players!! woot woot.
Soccer player- Hey why don't you get a Stella?
Me- Ok

Many beers later....

Soccer player- You're hot.
Me- Yeah you too....
Soccer player- Why don't we go look at my car.
Me- Thank you Stella Artois.

So smoooth.
by Beerenthusiast August 20, 2008
A Reassuringly expensive Lager of 5.2& abv. Turns a fellow from a small biscuit arsed dweeb into a kebab munchin groch, willing to pagger with anyone who doesn't agree with him.
" call forth the power of 9 Stella's and I'll bail you out of the Bridewell if you haven't caused too much trouble "
by John Gaskell March 21, 2004
Cold ass shit from Belgium! (Good shit)
It Makes you drunk,strong and brave...
You might even fight a nigga or 2!
Very expensive.....
Loved by black people such as myself.
stella artois! My way of life!
Me; Man after a few stella's i beated th living fuck out of that mexican!
Mike; Yea well....he's back standing in front of your door and he brought his 25 cousins with him..
Me; Holy shit!......Got some Stella???
Mike; Ah here it is...sweet Stella Artois,our saviour!
by Bronx-ghetto-my niggazzzzzz February 13, 2008
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