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Stylin on cats with eaze.
"Yo them Outsiders nigga are steezin' on em".
by FuckSoulo November 22, 2010
pimpin'; pullin' the best shit u got; chillin'
steezin fo no reason
by Jessica Kelly November 29, 2003
verbal act of being fresh
Im steezin on these heathens
by Jreams January 15, 2010
Shreddin' the gnar with style n eaze. This act is enhanced by laid back tunes, nice gear, a chill attitude, and marijuana.
Hey bro, lets roll off into the woods and smoke a bowl then start steezin through the park.
by Spencer Eggmire December 31, 2009
smooth and easy
fresh and with good flow
dude, that move was super steezin

<verb> im gunna steez on over here
by CarWolfgangBart February 11, 2009
Throwing down lots of good tricks on a snowboard.
You see that cab 9 i just pulled? I'm steezin for no reason.
by Kum and Go February 25, 2003
1. Killing it or throwing down so hard on a snowboard its ridiculous.
2. Having mad style while snowboarding.
RJ just did a Wild Cat over that 50 footer, he was steezin it fo-sho.

by GNUMN October 14, 2008