whale one performs an action sport such as snowboarding or skateboarding, they do it in a manner that has style but at the same time looks easy when performed.
yo did you see that kid steeze all over that down flat down

damn that last trick was steezy

that kid has mad steeze
by yattie pornan May 14, 2009
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Style and Ease.
I need no reeze, I jus' got steeze.
by Simon Frankson November 12, 2003
The combination of "style" and "ease." The word is spelled with a z just to make it more steezy.
Check out that steeze! Damn he's good.
by McKaiver June 09, 2005
style and ease, you put it together and get steeze
that's mad steeze. damn hes good
by real nigga February 09, 2006
straight up easy flow and mad unique style. confidence and skill expressed via actions and phrases that knock peole back in awe an amazement. you either got it or you dont.
Im an easy steezy mac n chessy!

More steeze please.

That guy....has got steeze.
by Andizzle-Dazzle May 07, 2008
extremely smooth ghetto gorilla style, particularly while spinning off axis or sliding a rail on skis
that dude has sick steeze on that rail
by alex plattner April 28, 2004
steeze, a word often used by snowboarders and skateboarders, means a trick done with style and ease. it is done with very little effort and done with much ease, but at the same time, glides like butter

holy shit, kerry getz is ILL, he has major steeze!
by barfbagmasterdragon February 13, 2009
Steeze is a simple combination of the words style and ease and although originally used mainly by skaters and snowboarders steeze has recently begun to be used by famous artists such as Kid Cudi and Ke$ha.
When these artists, and artists like them use the word steeze, they are normally using it as a substitute for words such as fresh, fly and swag, Normally using the word in a referal to their attitude, charisma or choice of clothes.
Ke$ha:"My friends think I've gone crazy, my judgment is getting kinda hazy
My steeze is gonna be affected if I keep it up like a love sick crackhead"
by Lozzzzzzzzz December 17, 2009

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