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The characteristic that all players on the Cardinal Gibbons golf team have; The characteristic that players not on the Cardinal Gibbons golf team are afraid of.
-"Did you see that Gibbons team?"
- "Yeah man, that steez...it's making me nervous."
-"If only our team had that steez."
by bawsboi27 October 05, 2012
style with ease
'that skater has steez'
by bobby danger 999 October 26, 2008
STEEZ n, adj.

1. pertaining to ones style

2. having steez

3. describing mouses
"i like yo steez"

"man, that girls got steez"
by foxesinsoxes April 07, 2013
World-view, perspective, the way a person sees the world; the way a person is.
He has a Libertarian steez.
Her steez is really religious.
by Surefoot May 30, 2012
style with ease.....its simple and yet revealing when someone says this word, it means they kno what they are talking about
"yo man he has the best steez i have ever seen"
by dankrider May 07, 2007
fine uncut Turkish hashish
all I wanted was some steez
by JohnnyLurg March 25, 2012
A made up life style for stoner/ skater dudes

Or to replace the word cool.
That heel flip was so steez.
Or that invert was steez.
by The man8642 November 29, 2011
Describes one's all encompassing attitude or self-defining characteristics.
Yo, my steez is all about smoking blunts and pullin bitches.
by nacky April 28, 2006