A forum for games. The only place where you can be banned from 5-10 times.

See {Neoblade} 111
Omg - Graviteh got banned again, what's that, 10 times now?

Neo used to be the current holder for the most bans
by James from Jamaica February 28, 2005
Top Definition
the official site of valve's content delivery system known as steam. the forums are filled with 12 year old AOL brats and fw.
OMFG STEAM(powered) ROXORZ TEH BIG ONE111! (courtesy of lunchtimemama)
by matthewr85 October 12, 2004
The place where people get banned.
Uh oh, it's banning season, cac is banning people and brainwashing admins.
by graviteh February 12, 2005
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