Steamboat springs is a small ski town located in routt county in north western colorado....approximatly 3 hours from denver. it is home to steamboat ski resort. the ski resort doesn't have the best terrain in the rockies but it is known for champaign powder. they get the best snow in the american rocky mountains. home of the tap house and 25cent wings on thursday nights. quite possibly the single best place on earth.
Steamboat Springs is the best ski town in north america.
by Nathan Smith November 09, 2005
a shitty ski town where it is always raining and pissing off all the locals. essentially, the town is fucked. in addition, the town is choc full of stoned ass wipes who want to be black.
Wow this town sucks a fat left nut.

Oh it must be a Steamboat Springs.
by lorenzo canseco May 29, 2011

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