when you take a hit and make a whistling noise with your hands. you have to cup your hands together and blow between your thumbs, making a low whistle while the smoke escapes.
an interesting trick used to amuse people when you're smoking pot. "hey, check out my steam whistle."
by simplegr33n420 March 10, 2009
Top Definition
The BEST Canadian pilsner in fact the BEST Canadian beer. Originating from Toronto, brewed to the highest of german standards. Crisp and clean in taste with a grassy aftertaste. First founded under the name of Three Fired Guys which if you look at a bottle you can still find TFG. The crowning glory of this brew is that it is made with all natural ingredients ( only four in fact) and does not use high gravity brewing techniques that are the standard for most larger breweries, this means hangovers do not occur after drinking large quantities. The Brewery itself is located in an old train turn station which is quite fitting because of the name yet this is not the inspiration for the name. steamwhistle.com The Good Beer Folks!
If Jesus was was thirsty he would drink Steam Whistle.
by Rayne711 March 21, 2008
A fine micro brew out of Toronto, Ontario
"Are we still having that Steamwhistle?"
by Yanks November 17, 2004
When a girl gives you an outdoor BJ in 40 below cold. Cum on her face and it steams when it lands. It freezes so fast that when she tries to talk she whistles.
Yo man, yesterday after the hockey game I gave Jenny a Steam Whistle. Froze on her face and when she tried to talk she whislted!
by J-Rock077 January 01, 2012
When 2 or more people ejaculate in another's mouth at the same time causing said ejaculate to pour out of their nose (like a steam whistle)
He had 3 guys give him the steam whistle, took it like a champ hot carl angry pirate roman helmet donkey punch jelly donut
by 114sux November 29, 2015
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