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Stealthy poo is where you put toilet paper down on the water so that the poop doesn't make a sound nor does water splash at your ass.
"Wakes up in the middle of the night"

You:Damn I need to shit !
You:If I take a shit now its going to get my butt wet and might wake someone up
You:I'll take a "StealthyPoo" !
"Takes a Stealthypoo with a clean non-wet butt and without making a sound"
by Jinaholic September 13, 2011
When you need to poo in an unfamiliar territory, such as a coworker's house, and hide it by sneaking away to the bathroom when the host is preoccupied. Best if able to return before the host acknowledges you had left.
"Shit, I don't know if I can hold until I get back home. Guess I gotta try a stealthy poo."
by Protoss Executor September 13, 2011
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