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self explanitory, but if you want further explanation, its that girl who is nice to you on the outside but once you are "together" with her for about 3 weeks, she comes back to bite you in the ass and stab you in the back and totally turn out and walk out on you after a couple of years. hows that ? its fuckin bullshit if you ask me.

some girl i know, shes a stealth bitch because she was nice to me at first but then turned out to be a backstabber
by MYNAMEIST February 07, 2007
A girl who plays nice, talks sweet, but is inherently a bitch. This trait that is generally only apparent to other women; men have a tendency to fall for stealth bitches.
"Naima on America's Next Top Model? What a stealth bitch."
by l'etranger May 04, 2005
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