A little-known term used in the U.S military, typically used in the U.S. Marine Corps which stands for Strategically Taking Equipment to Another Location. It is a term used to justify taking something that doesn't really belong to you when questioned by a superior who feels the action is immoral. STEALing most likely oocurs while on deployment to a far away country.
Situation dictates use:
1) A marine STEALing toilet paper from another unit's bathroom (head) in order to meet his unit's hygenical needs= Good
2) A Marine STEALing a DVD player from the (PX) Post Exchange= Shoplifting,which is bad (unless there is an acronym for "SHOPLIFT" which would justify taking something from a place where people normally purchase goods in exchange for money)
Marine to battle buddy: "After that unit over there leaves their tent for duty, I'm going to S.T.E.A.L. a sleeping bag to make up for the one that was taken from me." (Remember, there is only one thief in the Marine Corps; Everyone else is trying to get their shit back)
Top Definition
To punch someone
Yo son, that mofo be frontin. I'm gonna go steal him in his mouf.

Damn son, you just got stole in your dome.
by Matt August 13, 2003
A good deal (marketing)
Man, I got those fireworks for just $10! It was quite a steal!
by Danny C July 15, 2005
1. to take something that does not belong to you (see to jack, to bite)
2. to punch--hard, usually in the face
1) "In 'Growing Pains,' Ludacris stole the beat from Dilated Peoples' song "Worst Comes to Worst"
2) "At the club, 50 Cent stole Ja Rule in the face"
by presto March 21, 2003
1. to take someone else's belongings
2. the updated version, or slang that replaced "sneak", which means to punch someone in the face.
1.Back when I was younger, I would have told dude 'Im'a sneak you', but thats old so nowadays I just be like 'I'll steal the shit out you'.

2. If you steal my shit, Im'a steal you bitch!

3. To steal a person means to punch them in their face, therefore, it is redundant to tell someone that you will "steal them in the face".
by FooGe March 26, 2004
To borrow with no intent to return.
"Hey, I need to borrow some money..."
by CaptainkKoala April 12, 2005
The illegal alternative to Buying.
Do you have money for that monster?
No, im stealing it.
Oh ok, get me one while your at it.
by Nathan Achon October 04, 2008
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