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pronounced "stid-er"

A women latent with STDs/venereal diseases. Often used as a synonym for loose, whorish, village bicycle esque women who have been with more men than the number of hairs on their head. A negative term by nature, which indicates disgust, disdain, and a general hatred for the subject of the words use. underlying feeling of misogyny
a) I can't believe Saro actually took down that stder. Really hope that boy bagged it up!

b) 1. Last night Nick took home that puck bunny Erica.

2. HA, Its only 2 months into the season and that Stders already been plugged by half the team.

c) 1. Wheres Aaron tonight?

2. Out with Janet.

1. I fucking hate that stder. stupid bitch
by Fongnation November 11, 2009
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