'Story Teller's Discretion'.

This phrase indicates the Story Teller (or DM, or GM, depending on what game one is playing) decides to make reality shift in a particular way. Often-times done in order to make the story develop in a particular manner.
1. Upon reaching the anti-climactic 'Final Encounter' of a long and drawn out quest for the artifact needed to enter the Bastion of Broken souls (A fragment of the soul totem), Fighter: The human fighter rolled three natural twenties in a row, which resulted in the untimely (one-round-kill) demise of the fallen god.

However, in order to promote the challenge of this encounter, the DM decides to use an STD to allow a centuries old Contingency heal to revive the poor fellow, at full hitpoints, and rather angry at having been slain in such a way. Then a 'true' fight ensued.

2. Thor throwing his famed hammer Mjollnir(Molniya) at a Werewolf in D&D Edition 3.5, and deciding not to remove the 10 damage which would be removed, since the hammer isn't made of silver. This STD though perhaps un-needed (the werewolf would likely die from the modified damage) makes sense, since even though it's not a silver weapon perse; when Thor throws his hammer, he means business, and that 10 damage shouldn't be reduced because it's not made of silver.
by Crispy (LS) December 16, 2005
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STD - stands for Sexualy Transmited Disease. The most commonly known is HIV/AIDS. To say the least you don't want an STD.
Dude I fucked her good and I'm gonna have this damn STD for the rest of my life. Don't fuck her.
by LBChris05 February 23, 2003
Somewhat Tasty Donuts
i had some awesome STD's the other day, i got them from that girl down the street
by Luke Z May 17, 2008
Sexually Transmitted Disease. Anyone can get one, even virgins. Most common STDs are passed through skin contact, saliva, breast milk, & bodily fluids. You don't have to be a "nasty slut" to get an STD. It only takes 1 sexual experience...or with Herpes, alls you have to do is touch someone who has the virus on their skin at that point and area.
"I contracted an STD from my husband, who cheated on me with a 15 year old."
by Jaime December 17, 2004
Sexually Transmitted Disease

See burned.
That slut gave me an STD
by scally hater October 31, 2003
Basically like a computer virus, but for people. You want the free Prada bag, you have to risk the attack on your computer, and possibility of it never working again.

You want the sex, you have to risk the attack on your 'down there' region, with the possibility of it never working again.
I got an STD and now my whole fun zone is covered in blisters.

other guy: thanks for sharing...
by sweetness-and-light June 14, 2007
STD stands for Snooki Transmitted Dumbness. Are girls in your school wearing super slutty clothes? Tanning their skin 24/7? Putting their hair in poofs the size of the Popes hat? Then they have the STD. After watching Jersey Shore for too long, some girls have acquired the STD. Signs include but are not limited to...
-drinking vodka for breakfast
-drinking vodka for lunch
-drinking vodka for dinner
-drinking vodka for dessert
-skin that is so tan, she is invisible in a dimly lit room
-causes public disturbances 24/7
-eats pickles... by sucking on them
-when asked why she does something, she replies with "I'm at the Jersey Shore... BITCH!"

-everywhere is the Jersey Shore for her
-a sudden interest for meat-heads and gorillas
-when someone calls her phone, and is looking a girl named Angelina, she replies with "No, she died"
-she is as smart as a...Snooki
Dude 1: "Crap dude, my girlfriend and I were watching Jersey Shore last night, and she got the STD!"

Dude 2: "Damn bro that sucks. Has she started eating pickles yet? I wanna watch...
by WW-PSouthBoy14 August 15, 2010
Spontaneous Torrential Diarrhea

Whenever you are normal one second, then randomly you get the urge to have explosive diarrhea and then, when you sit down, it just explodes out of your ass like a torrential rain...
Explosive Diarrhea, and just another thing that STD stands for...
by Chance3985 February 04, 2009

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