Staying at home during your vacation instead of traveling to a pleasure destination. This can be caused by high gas prices, or just a shortage of money.
We wanted to take the kids to Niagara Falls, but with gas over $4 a gallon, we instead opted for a staycation.
by Thehuckster July 23, 2008
When the boss goes on vacation, or for some other reason is out of the office and the employees that stay behind get a vacation from petty micro-managing.
Work should be pretty relaxed tomorrow with Bob away at that training. It should be a nice staycation!
by candyland1234 April 25, 2012
vacation for cheap-asses
How about a staycation, it's perfect for tightwads like you.
by snargbargler August 13, 2010
stay-cation:At times of recession people prefer to spend time in the beaches of their own country instead of flying to overseas environment creating carbon footprint and spending money
stay-cation: British people chose to spend their time in uk at hard times like recession.
by ccdc August 15, 2009
a dream vacation right at your doorstep
have you always wanted to go to China? live in NYC? airfare prices too high? try a day in chinatown! and let Staycation Travel Agency ( do the planning for you!
by Jalpa August 15, 2008
staycation , staying home this year, NOT going on vacation. Economy is bad , money is tight and we are going on staycation.
We are going on STAYCATION this summer.
by Robbi di Escosi June 02, 2009
Spending your holiday time at your own home.
Angela's using her staycation to redecorate her front room.
by Angela Stack August 21, 2008

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