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A smart person with swag. Stavs are always very pretty, and are considered goddesses of awesomeness. They are always down to Earth and are totally trustworthy.
Good job Stav for getting an A on the test! You are so awesome!!
by Bunasaurus February 03, 2012
One with a massive cock.
My lord its bigger than my arm.
by A bird with big tits October 29, 2003
gerrr orffff moiii land
by Davide January 09, 2004
Has a cool belly
Stav has a cute belly, let's steal it
by Kit-kat March 10, 2004
A widely enjoyed mixed drink originally from Danville, Virginia. Through years of production, the recipe has remained the same: Mixed to your preference - Vodka (preferably orange flavored), fruit punch, and a slice of orange. The Stav's counterpart, the Lavve, is a similar drink which is made by mixing (again to your preference) Vodka, lime juice, fruit punch, and a slice of lime.

Currenty, both the Stav and the Lavve are the premier drinks of "Bonelandia", a small fraternity within Danville. The creater of these masterpieces and one of the founders of "Bonelandia", The Stav Himself, is a resident of Danville and is, to this day, the only person to know the secret to making a perfect Stav.
Those Stavs were so strong, it only took two of them for me to get completely sloshed.
by The Stav Himself January 25, 2009
One who is "trampy" or "cheap". Some could say its another word for "pikey". Often known to live on a council estate or round a rough area.
Man 1: Oh my goodness! Those cheap skates took the copper pipes out of their walls and sold them and unreasonable prices.
Man 2: Bunch of stavs.
by Lishmeister August 30, 2007