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on Facebook, one who frequently comments the statuses of random people and/or presses the "like" button
athena: omg that creeper just pressed the like button on my status!
ariel: yeah like who IS he?
jackie: i dont even know, he just presses the like button on EVERYONE'S status!
audrey: hes SUCH a status stalker!
by JACKIEISC0R3 March 28, 2009
Someone who only reads your facebook status updates or tweets, but doesn't actually reach out and talk to you.
When I met Jimmy in real life, the first thing he mentioned was something I tweeted about. He's such a status stalker, why doesn't he just send me a message or something??
by Philosophistry March 06, 2010
An individual who obsessively "likes" and comments on the Facebook statuses of certain members of their friendslist, no matter how mundane or lame the status update might be. They often employ empty flattery or praise, smiley emoticons, and weak jokes, all in an effort to curry favor with the other person--or, in the case of male status stalkers, as an attempt to get into a girl's pants.
Will's become a status stalker in a powerfully lame attempt to score some tail.
by sappyscurry May 14, 2010
To stalk someones status posted on a famous site i.e twitter facebook or myspace..
hay dude have you seen that status posted of

status stalker
by gawdz November 22, 2009
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