a girl who cares to much about what other people think and have close to zero romodels known for good things that they can relate to I live on the south shore and there is no difference between us and a girl in alabama where they have more little pagent kids with fake tans than we do in si do believe what you read and about the accent which i dont happen to have its only on a few words and its not there fault dont judege before u meet
Some staten island girls are smart.
by statenislandsmartgirl September 24, 2011
wow, seriously you have to get a life if you take the time to write and say bad things about staten island girls, like seriously.i'm a staten girl and holy shittttt!!! guess what i'm not organge, yeah i wanna be tan do i want to look like a ghost? NO! wow people shop at foxy ladyy!! oh my godd! its just another store in the mall. get real.now for the steryotype "slutty" just stop, like there arent sluts out there on your neighborhood, not everyone is a slut, im an average staten island girl i dont scrunch my hair i truly dont know who does anymore idont straighten it i blow it it out so there goes that steryotype, ohh and i'm in the shcoloars at school , a lot of kids are, not everyone are dumbasses, i bet there stupider kids where you live. andd ohhh for myy favorite subjecttt!!! accents i'm proud to say i have an accent i say chawclate, people in jersey dont know how to say water right soo shutt yourr mouthss. i bet you have an accent its not that you dont know how to talk right its just the way you were brought up and where you live. kayy?? so get that straight. well i hope i've gotten it through your head that staten island is the best! and stop saying shittt about ittt. ohh and for the people who live here and say bad shit thats low, i mean you live here, your deffinelty one of the people you've described. kayy?
hey hey hey im from staten island and i'm a staten island girl and i love it! if you dont go screw yourself! =]
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