a place where all the mafiaa people from brooklynn go to livee then decide to move to jersey. the accents are annoyingg and everyone owns a northface jacket.. the boys got to the salon (eyebrows waxed and tanning) and so do the girls. everyone on the south shore is a prostitute in training with a bellybutton ring. the southshore girls go to St. joseph sea. cheerleading and basesball are major sports here. if you lived here for about 6 months you probably gotten the finger at least 6 times. everyone is republican and drives like an asshole. everyone has italians blood in them and you probably knoe at least 7 mikes 2 angelos and 10 joeys. all the boyss act like wiggers and make up stupidd gangss. i knoe this cause i live here. in bay terris. EvErY1 tAlKs lYkEs dIsSs Onn dAa cOmPuTeRrR and smell like shitt. the island only smells by arther kill roadd.
staten island smell like crap.
by sarah daniella August 26, 2006
the weirdest place in the world.
forgotten borough; should be part of nj
its divided into two parts: North Shore and South Shore;

one train that goes only to the ferry from tville:/
one mall; where all the guidos hang out
the "atrium" is apparently the coolest place ever
pot heads rule the island
the italians here are a discrace to the real ones.
the girls are wananbe whores and the guys think theyre cool if they get action by 13
no night life what so ever.
not suburbian and not a city.
former dump
nice place to live, right?
of course its not all bad... staten island is just 90% stereotypical.
u will find people who actually have a brain... but dont get ur hopes up... ur considered a loser if u have an average over 80.
bad place to live unless u have a car
frustrates the hell outta me.
guy:hey where u from man?
other guy:staten island.
guy:you mustve fucked up bad to end up in a shithole like that.
other guy: don't rub it in.
by sttnislndr365017221 June 21, 2009
where all the guys think they are italian and really they aren't...... quido guys.... girls are stuck up.....boys are punks..... everyone is a partier....
that kid who just came to ur school in jersey from staten island, he is so wanna be quido
by the bittch from jerseyy September 11, 2007
Staten Island is the most southern point of NYC. The girls are hot, the trees are dank, the beef is real and the spots are hot...Shaolin Rep200420 ^
The only place in the world that you'll get a ticket for putting out your garbage on the wrong day- KOA 420 TA
by Jkap November 02, 2003
The saddest place in america. consits of white trash/ghetto niggahs/stuck up white kids/and mafiosos

If you live under the expressway your considered "poor" because its *gasp* the ..north...shore. OMG NOT THE NORTH SHORE!

oh and if you live on the south shore, your considered poor if you dont drive a white mercedes/lexus/bmw etc. you HAVE to try to act like the gottis and you need to be orange 24/7. they even opened a tanning salon at the mall!

i hate it here, i wish this island would sink its useless and the whole city of new york is ashamed that it belongs to it as one of it's boroughs. :]
staten island

avaerage south shore gotti wannabes:

Gotti wannabe 1: Yooo did your dad get his mercedes with his tax evasion money yet?

Gotti wannabe 2: naaa bro he got a white acura

Gotti wannabe 1: Ew your poor.
by fcalz July 10, 2008
The boro where the only thing exciting to do ... is to go to the mall .. walk around and act if youre buying sumthin.
Boy 1: Yo what you doin friday after skool?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice. What about Saturday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice!! Where are goin Sunday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall.
Boy 1: WOW BRO! Your weekend is goin to kick ass!
by MoJoN September 17, 2005
A floating dump that sits in the New York harbor. Often mistaken as a populated borough.
Joe: "I'm from Staten Island."
Me: "You live in a dump?"
Joe: "No I mean the borough STATEN ISLAND!"
Me: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
by Prodsynth August 05, 2011
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