A often secret pocket to stash different things of often high value.
"Hey Mike, I can't carry this shit with me, but I can't just leave it either.." "Well dude stash that shit up in one of them stashpockets! I got one just around the corner!"
by CRA$ August 18, 2008
Top Definition
A small pocket usually integrated into the tongue of trendy shoe brands. Aimed for pot heads who want an inconspicuous place to hide their weed (stash)
Y:Dude you got any mary jane?

X: Yea dude it's in my stash pocket.
by colourclassic August 11, 2008
The permanant hole in a junkies arm used to stash their drugs
Not Junkie: Man, i think theres something wrong with your arm.

Junkie: Aww naww man, that's just my stashpocket actin' up.
by boycottwalmart September 22, 2006

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