Term used by the Saskatoon Police Department to describe the practice of leaving drunken Indians to freeze to death on the outskirts of the city.
"Looks like Dakota here might have had a few too many tonight. A Starlight Tour should clear his head."
by 3 Syd November 07, 2006
Top Definition
The practise of police officers driving a person, usually an Aboriginal man/youth to the outskirts of town during the night, and often during winter, and leaving them there to walk back to town. These individuals are often beaten en route, and many have died as result of this phenomenon.
Neil Stonechild, an Native youth froze to death in 1990, after being taken on a 'starlight tour' by two Saskatoon police officers.
by Nnn E December 20, 2006
When the cops pick up A dirty stinky old Indian and take them 31 miles
From town and kick them out. It's got to be real cold to. Like -42
Oh the cops are taking old Fred for a starlight tour.
by KFC POPPING June 30, 2016
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