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Having an orgasm from anal sex or anal play. Comes from the chocolate starfish nickname given to the asshole.
My girl enjoys anal so much, she stargasms everytime we do it.
by badkarma927 October 02, 2006
Experiencing intense physical pleasure after meeting a Movie, TV or Rock star.
Will: Dude, why is John screaming and writhing on the floor?

Renz: He just met Justin Beiber at Bed, Bath and Beyond. He's having a stargasm.
by Willyummm July 22, 2010
When you geek out at the mention of anything Star Wars related.
Andy:lol Look at my light saber -wink- -Wink-

Jerry:Omg Luke Skywakerrrrrrr @-@

Jake: gave him a stargasm
by McninjaGstatussz December 04, 2010
A stargasm is when you see a shooting star you weren't expecting and get excited. Typically you'll gasp or make a weird sound upon seeing the shooting star.
*Couple watching stars*

Girl: "GASP!"

Dude: "Uhh what just happened?"

Girl: "Did you just see that shooting star? I think I just had a stargasm!"
by DirtyOldHippie November 21, 2014
The intense feeling of success when star testing or other state required testing is complete, may be accompanied with a small orgasm.
Damn man, i just took the math test. At the last problem i picked randomly and had a fatty stargasm.
by niggaassgbitchjoseph May 05, 2009
Rave full of PLUR with amzaing decor and talent!!
Stargasm = Peace Love Unity Respect
by freakraver August 31, 2007
getting an orgasm when masturbating to Jean Luc Piccard from the star trek series
after I watched star trek, I masturbated On Jean Luc Piccard and had a Stargasm
by Renfan April 16, 2006
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