a dry 'starchy' piece of toast, ie. rivitta or cracker
wow that starch would be nice with cheese.
by Toasty April 12, 2004
Top Definition
(verb) knock out such that the victim's muscles become tense and the body appears to stiffen.
Dan Henderson starched Michael Bisping at UFC 100.
by herat17 October 26, 2009
Nicely turned out, presentable, made the effort to look nice...

Devised by famous television writer Rox Harvey
as in 'wow - you look starch!'
by starchy June 14, 2006
To dispatch your opponent in dominant fashion.
"Did you see that fight last weekend? That guy got straight up starched.
by High Plains Drifter April 17, 2008
The act of a person, animal or thing putting semen on a man's beard.
"Phil, tonight I can't wait to share a bottle of wine with you over a romantic chicken dinner then come home and starch that beard so bad you won't be able to get a comb through it for weeks."
by bugnumber_1 July 27, 2016
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