A widespread corporation that makes coffee, i don't care if it is 'the mans' way of drinking coffee, its is delicious. Granted, i don't like their stylings, like the smooth jazz playing in every branch, or the artsy fartsy stuff on the walls, or the names like decaf white chocolate bold mocha latte with cream, and then the description is, a bold, intriguing beverage, but i just like the coffee
ex.1: some guy: dude, i can't believe you bought that £2 coffee from 'the corporation'
me: shut up and let me drink my coffee

ex.2: me: what is a java mocha latte?
clerk: it is an invigorating, intriguing, bold bevarage from the foothills of mexico
me: does it taste good?
clerk: uuuh i don't know

ex.3: preppy scenester: oh, i love the smooth jazz stylings and intriguing art of this place (sips coffee) oh, this coffe is so smooth
me: shut up and let me drink my coffee
by amatar August 15, 2005
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here is an analogie i hope you get

coffee : starbucks
computer : macintosh

both kind of artsy and not popular among the masses

only the "unique" have a mac or overly strong starbucks
"lets go to the starbucks WiFi and work on our macs and drink coffee"
by A_F October 09, 2005
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starbucks is heaven in a cup
Today i went and got me some heaven in a cup, also known as starbucks.
by jaime kramer April 02, 2006
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chain of coffee houses serving delicious coffee and baked goods. drinks come in 3 sizes: venti, tall, & grande. founder of the frappucino.
Sarah when you go to Starbucks could you bring me back a venti Java Chip Frap?
by Morgan Alex April 23, 2006
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Starbucks is a very successful chain of coffee shops around the world. The first Starbucks was privately owned in Seattle, Washington, America and it was also named after a Moby Dick character 'Starbuck'. Starbucks created the 'Frappuchino' which is blended ice with a choice of most variety of their coffee's.

In my opinion, Starbucks is one of the best tasting coffee in the world and the best quality. Starbucks are located in most areas, like two on a street...or more... which is good because theyre easy to get when in a hurry. Starbucks coffee shops are a nice relaxed environment, great to sit and discuss things and to just have coffee and relax.

People who diss Starbucks and say they have awful coffee, which in fact it is just the persons taste in coffee. Not Starbucks. Starbucks put their time and effort into the coffee they produce to ensure it IS the best they can offer which is the best. These people who dislike them must be used to coffee shops that don't even serve coffee, probarbly just heaps of flavouring and tons of sugar and syrup. Starbucks is real coffee, so nerrr.
Larry and Pete are in a hurry to work and they are looking for a coffee shop.

Pete: We need some coffee, where can we go?
Larry (still half asleep): Huh? Oh I dunno...
Pete: How bout we go to the local diner?
Larry: Nah, thats like over the hill, its too far
Pete: Well where? Quick we need to get to work!
Pete: Where?
Larry: The one on the corner!
Pete: No, hang on theres one right here
Larry: What? The one across the street?
Pete: No. The one HERE

*both walk into Starbucks*

Pete: Yay
Larry: Meh...
Larry: *takes sip from his Venti Frapp*
Larry: YEY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hey Pete, didn't see you there!
Pete: Okay?
Larry: Mornin, I remember what I was going to do today!
Pete: Good to see you're awake!
Larry: I have my Starbucks, Pete. Of course I'm awake.

*both get to work in time, happy and with their Starbucks to get them through the day*
by Starbucksta September 22, 2006
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n. unit of measurement, derived from standard distance between Starbucks Coffee shops; roughly equivalent to a city block

Luckily he'd only gone a starbuck or two from home before realizing he wasn't wearing pants.

by frrrrrr March 06, 2009
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Only the classiest and those with the best tastes can enjoy a cup of Starbucks. It is a very unique taste that gets one hooked instantly. It will drain your wallet but the pleasure of drinking this coffee every day outweighs the expense. I sometimes go to Starbucks to get a cup but I prefer buying it by the pound, ground fresh from the store or directly from Starbucks itself. The smell is euphoric. Inhale the fresh Starbucks beans and you will get high. Thats how amazing the smell is. This is the best coffee ive ever had and it may be bitter but you know what I like it bitter, i like it bold, i like it deep and i like it dark. Sweet too. And it never disapoints me. I dont care for all the exotic names, i just know a good cup of coffee when I taste one and man this hits the spot.
Beware of trying Starbucks, You just may get hooked.
He drives his BMW to Starbucks to get a great tasting cup of coffee.
Number one coffee in the World.
by Phil Donahuee September 12, 2006
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