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The only coffee shop (I know of at least) where the tall is a small and the short is an extra large. You also have to speak what I call "Starbucks" to order anything fancy there. Sheesh.
Barista: "Welcome to Starbucks"
Customer: "I'll have a grande caramel latte with ice and an expresso shot please."
Barista: "Would you like whipped cream or caramel sauce on that?"
Customer: "No thanks, but I'll also get one of your venti Mocha frappachino iced coffees!"
by bonjourno July 31, 2007
11 66
A very poplular drink company that manages to get at least 75% of the world population addicted to it's overpriced coffees and espressos by putting 5 locations within a 2 mile radius. There is never a need to actually LOOK for a Starbucks. They find you, not you find them. Their drinks are pretty good, exept for the fact if you're a middle/highschool student you have to bring one to school, drink it in several minutes and carry the goddamn cup with the logo on it everywhere you go in public just to be "cool". Usually if you go there at least four or more times a week you can get a free coffee every few days or so. (A so-called starbucks junkie.)
Shannon: OMG I wanna work at Starbucks when I turn 16!
*both drink coffee*
by somebodycall311 March 18, 2006
37 92
Is a chain of coffee shops across America, Canada, and any other country that can afford coffe.

Often, some people may also refer to it as "Fourbucks" coffee. Obviously because of the cost of the coffe.
1. I went to Starbucks and damn was the coffee there nice.

2. I went to Starbucks and fuck did I ger ripped off, better going to Country Style.
by ibleed4fun August 01, 2005
83 138
A corporation that makes coffee which they market to young people, scenesters, and anyone who is stupid enough to pay five dollars for a cup of coffee.

In order to be classified as a Starbucks, you must have French words on your menu, along with a description. Your coffee must cost $5.00 and you must be located on every street or a city. You must also play jazz music and be able to sell overpriced CDs. Your customers must also be dumb enough to not know the difference between Dunkin' Donuts, or Starbucks.
Starbucks is an overabundant coffee shop that can be found internationally.
by gardengirl May 08, 2007
21 78
An act performed by a woman, who gurgles with a man's ejaculate to the point where it starts to foam out of her mouth, much like when a latte is being made and it start's to foam.
Honey, after you put the kids to sleep, how about a starbucks before we watch some TV?
by dilweed November 28, 2006
23 80
A coffee store that gets all of its coffee from slaves in Africa and people who go there think that they are such good people by giving money to the slaves but they are too stupid to realize that SLAVES DON'T GET PAID!!!
Chantal went to Starbucks to buy a coffee and give money to the slaves but she was too stupid to realize that SLAVES DON'T GET PAID!!!
by VinnyC June 02, 2006
27 84
The best place to find the worst coffee, most likely produced by terribly underpaid slave laborers.
Paris Hilton: Oh! My! God! We sooo need to talk about this. Starbucks here we come.
Me (with as much contempt as one can muster, which I imagine would be a lot in the presence of Paris Hilton): Not Starbucks
by Atikin March 25, 2006
24 81