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The rapid voluntary rearranging of people at a crowded coffee shop when a seat becomes available near an electrical outlet where laptops, cell phones, etc., can be charged.
Dude:, I told her, hey, you'll never get to Hollywood if you...

Dudette: Oh, wait! They're leaving from that table in the corner. My laptop battery's almost dead. Time for the Starbucks shuffle!
by icuddabeenacontender October 11, 2010
The act of throwing out the prior Starbucks cup when ordering another cup either the next morning or later that day at the drive-thru.
"WTF??? That snotty barista was pissed when I asked him to do the Starbucks shuffle for me after paying $3.84 for a latte!"
by patty browning January 24, 2008
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