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The act of throwing out the prior Starbucks cup when ordering another cup either the next morning or later that day at the drive-thru.
"WTF??? That snotty barista was pissed when I asked him to do the Starbucks shuffle for me after paying $3.84 for a latte!"
by patty browning January 24, 2008
The rapid voluntary rearranging of people at a crowded coffee shop when a seat becomes available near an electrical outlet where laptops, cell phones, etc., can be charged.
Dude: ...so, I told her, hey, you'll never get to Hollywood if you...

Dudette: Oh, wait! They're leaving from that table in the corner. My laptop battery's almost dead. Time for the Starbucks shuffle!
by icuddabeenacontender October 11, 2010