Two people, one being insanly cute, lets name her.. Cami. and one other kid, that go to highschool and are clueless to what starcrossed lovers mean?
carmelo and canfield are said to be starcrossed loverss
by canfield March 21, 2011
Top Definition
Two people who care immensely for each other but due to their circumstaces cannot be together.
Eden and Elli are star-crossed lovers.
by Elli's little girl March 17, 2003
To be doomed within a relationship,
To be opposed by fate is to be a star crossed lover
Romeo and Juliet are perfect examples of star crossed lovers
by Axe whielding Maniac September 03, 2003
To be doomed within a relationship. to be oppossed by fate,
Romeo and Juliet is a classic example of star crossed lovers
by Axe whielding Maniac September 03, 2003
Two individuals with love for the other so strong it is impossible to define using words alone. Actions and touch relay more to their partner than any word. They are miserable when they are not together. They are as close to a perfect mate as is possible. Unfortunately, circumstances prohibit their expressions of love freely and they must hide their true feelings until they are alone. This alone time is often entirely too brief and often interfered with by outside forces such as weather or random events suddenly coming up. However once they are together the feelings are so intense that they feel they could never part again.
In another life those star-crossed lovers could be together, but for now they must keep it hidden.
by L M B March 05, 2015
1) Lovers that never get together

2) Also known as i'll fated lovers
Nyquill and Jose are star crossed lovers
by Reubizzle April 10, 2006
two people who love each other but cannot be together due to tragic circumstances
Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are star-crossed lovers, kept apart by Modest! Management.
by euquol February 02, 2015
two people who are in love but their love can't be allowed because of other people.
Romeo and Julia were star-crossed lovers because their parents were enemies.
by fairy.acid July 17, 2012

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