A MMORPG that has absolutely no resemblence to star wars.

A online pokemon game, changed just enough from the pokemon title to avoid a lawsuit.

A process by which Sony Online Entertainment can charge 15 dollars a month for a piece of software that is unfinished and will always be full of bugs.
by Dave October 12, 2003
Similar to Auschwitz, but much, much worse to have to experience.
If you ever have to choose between a fiery death or playing Star Wars Galaxies for an hour, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD choose fiery death.
by rickybobby June 30, 2006
A game that was designed around luring the majority of the Star Wars fanboys into paying $50 initially and then $15 per month in the very small hope that they could one day become a "jedi" in-game. Unfortunately, the process to become a jedi involves 50,000+ hours in the game and as such is impossible for anyone other than a loser sitting in his parents basement playing 15 hours per day.
I tried to pay rent this month but instead of working I was trying to get that next holocron so I could advance toward being a jedi in Star Wars Galaxies.
by GrandCow January 29, 2004
Well its alright starting out but then WoW came along and well ripped it dry for me. its not as good as this song though
Dragostea Din Tei
by O-zone

ps: whats his face is right about the pokemon thing lol, i was a creature handler and basically graphics and armor seperate the games.
wanna play Swg?
nope lets burn it and get world of warcraft instead and have the cake and eat it too. and while we play we can listen to this totally 1337 song.
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