An immense collection of very light elements. A star is over 95% hydrogen with trace amounts of helium, oxygen, carbon, and other heavy elements. The star derives its energy from a thermonuclear reaction initieted by the pressure created by the gravitational pull of the gasses inward. A star will burn for millions if not billions of years before the hydrogen supply is depleted and the star's nuclear fusion reaction fails. The star will then explode and remove an outer layer of gasses and then collapse into a dense state. Average stars collapse into Dwarf Stars while massive ones form neutro stars of black holes.
Stars are not made of methane!!!!!!!
by X-45B23 July 14, 2006
When one girl is in a 5 seat car sitting in the middle seat of the back row with four other guys occupying the remaining seats, she then gives the two guys in the front seat foot jobs and the two guys in the back seat hand jobs all at the same time.
She starred all of us last night in Steve's car.

Got to call you back, this girl is starring mad hard in Steve's car right now.

To star star starred starring
by Hugh Jeraction June 01, 2011
1. A symbol used for flags and others. The one made from one trait with 5 spikes being the typical one.
2. What cartoon characters see turning around their head after being hit on it.
3. A sun that isn't ours.
4. A celebrity (that we probably all wish ours, in our bed.)
5. A sexual position where the woman just lays there and do absolutely nothing, arms and legs wide open, like a useless star fish, and we wish wasn't in our bed (unless we have fetish for dolls or corpses).
1. USA's flag, satanist symbol (Do you see a link?)
2. Any old Disney, like bugs bunny.
3. Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C). The nearest star to Earth after our Sun.
4. Hard to chose a decent example, real women with real boobs are hard to come by in Hollywood.
5.Guy: "Goddamn woman, react, move! Do something!"
Chick: *long thinking* "What am I supposed to do?"
Guy: "Enjoy it, do what you wish spontaneously... *sigh* It's not the same if it doesn't come naturally. Ah fff.... never mind *leaves*"

(Instead, enjoy yourself! Explore, taste, claw, bite, suck, tighten your vagina for more pleasure, move your hips in circular motion... heck read a book! Like the Kama Sutra. Use your imagination and participate. Never happened to me, but if girls don't want to DO sex.... then DON'T have it! Learn what's fun by masturbating, then enjoy yourself sharing that with someone. Stupid useless whore, have some self respect. But I guess that's what stupid players get for convincing a girl, who's not into it nor them, to do it.)
by FallenShad June 26, 2009
A small one stoplight town in North Carolina. The geographic center of NC.
Star is located in the geographic center of North Carolina.
by KHGMOM June 12, 2008
An asian petite busty girl famous on the app Twinkle (for iPhones and iPods,ect.)
Derren: Ugh! I hate Star!

Others: Don't hate her because she's hotter and bigger celebrity than you.
by xXEenieXXMiniXXAsianXx November 12, 2010
Star is an adverb used to make words "Bro-Friendly", which can be classified as "abbroviation". It can be added to the end of any word, and used in a wide variety of contexts.
Originated from the "Slap Star"
Hey Jake- Star, Max is Bro-Yacking. I think hes hella On-Star. You should go and help him-Star
by Sam F Bernard August 02, 2009
A bright thing in the sky that is usually pretty. After a while it goes KABOOM, and then there's lots of light a bits of sparkly stuff everywhere.
Guy1: "Say, Tod, look at the stars tonight."
Guy2: "OoooOOOooh, shiny. @_@"
by Grella May 31, 2005
small balls of fire in the sky that make consetellations
the stars make the orion constellation
by sam March 10, 2005

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