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a mooch or a person who takes more than they deserve.
that dude is such a stapleton
by Chris February 05, 2005
14 12
1 (N) A Person, when asked to do something, says ok then walks away and stares into space 2 A person that mumbles incoherent words that have nothing to do with anything that has taken place in the last fifty years. 3 A person that does the two things above at once. 4 A person that has an extremely long chin hair that grows back within a matter of hours. 5 Someone that can't remeber what they are doing so they act like they know what is going on and eventually go into their "Special Rooom". 5 The first steroind free bearded lady. 6 A woman wiht a large bald spot on top of their head that they know nothing about. 7 A person that, if you throw crackers at her head and hit her in the eye, will take ten minutes to realize what just happened. 7 Joey's lover. 8 A rather large block of nothing that slightly resemble human. Orriginally found on Mars (even they didn't want her). 9 A cross between a man and woman.
I have no idea what you are talking about. I am going to do a Stapleton in the closet.
by Skared January 26, 2008
24 14
A person who can't keep his hands out of his pants, even at the most inappropriate times such as poker games when he is the dealer. Often has great difficulty spelling four letter words. Often accompanied with the first name daniel.
Damnit stapleton get your hand out of your pants!
by Ank April 20, 2005
33 24
someone of extreme intellectual ability, good figure, great personality, the name usually paired up with the first name emma or another name similar to it. Those who are blessed with the greatness of such a name, usually others would classify as immortal or invinsible
oahh bois look at that chick - she must be a stapleton, shes fucking amazing
is that jennifer hawkins ? or a stapleton??
by cleveland indians September 06, 2008
14 12
a lover who takes advantage of you financially.

(named after Colleen Stapleton)
Bob: Yeah, Mary keeps getting me to pay her rent

Charlie: Dude, you should get rid of her. she's a total fucking stapleton.
by Zak Hall February 05, 2005
10 9
A Big Headed, Low IQ, Lazy Person, who smells like 8 day old Chinese food, and must have his or her hand held to complete work.
who stamped all these papers, that was Stapleton.
by TACO BEST April 24, 2011
3 3
When someone refers to seeing or knowing someone with a huge beak nose in a derogatory sense without first surveying their surroundings. On mentioning the aforementioned nose they then realise that a person in their immediate vicinity has a nose very similar or exactly resembling a "huge beak nose".
"We were sat round the table last night and James pulled a stapléton, this girl had a massive honk. I had a hard time not laughing, he went as bright as a cherry though."
by POBox December 07, 2009
2 3