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When you are taking a shower, and a family member or roomate comes into the bathroom and takes a shit at the same time. The mixture of shit smell and hot humid air is absolutely intolerable.
No fucking way, John. Wait till I'm done with my shower, asshole.
by Ryan October 29, 2004
Taking a large dump on the chest of another during some type of sex act. Usually, performed as a ritual to celebrate the miracles of poop.
"Danny dont give me a stanley steamer tonight I want to be able to go out without having to take a shower. Plus, its not Poopmas!" - Jane W.
by John Trian July 27, 2006
an act where one's partner shits on their dick and then proceeds to "Stanley Steam clean" their dick off via fellatio.
Sheila worked for Stanley Steamer for Pat last night in his car.
by Unethical Lawz October 18, 2014
verb; when your partner sucks on the pubes or "carpet" of their partner to search and clean out any goodies in such area
Guy 1: Dude how was your date with Kristy last night?

Guy 2: Dude it was so nasty! I gave her a stanley steamer and found a tooth, troll doll and a bag of box tops!

Guy 1; Nasty!
by grimmith September 28, 2009
A Stanley Steamer is the act in which anal sex turns into a scat-like disaster. When you pull your cock out of the ass and you get a diarrhea surprise on your chest and/or pubic region.
Craig is asking Santa Claus for new bed sheets because they are stained with shit from the Stanley Steamer his wife gave him after Thanksgiving dinner.
by James & Ann December 12, 2007
Stanley Steamers may be performed when you are at a friend's house to visit (eg. for a LAN party, etc.) but he's being a *very* shitty host, so you proceed to pull your pants and underwear down and rub your bare, nasty ass on one, very concentrated spot of his bedroom carpet. If he's being a particularly flagrant ass hole, proceeding to the rubbings of his bed sheets, pillow cases, and/or other miscellaneous personal belongings may ensue.
Kurt was completely ignoring all of his guests, so Chad proceeded to giving his carpet a thorough Stanley Steamer, though this wouldn't be the first time...
by sso33 December 19, 2008
Since their motto is "Tough on dirt, gentle on carpet", the sex act entitled "the stanley steamer" is when you punch a girl in the asshole repeatedly (tough on dirt) while rubbing her pubic bush tenderly (gentle on carpet). Some consider this a contradictory act, but nothing shows your love for a woman (or man?) like a good 'ole stanley steamer.
"She wanted some tough love, so I did the Stanley Steamer"
by .sineP kucS I October 31, 2007
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