In music, 'stanky' is usually used in different styles of popular music to explain a very solid 'feel' or 'groove'.
"That drummer is so loose and is making his whole set breath, man. Did you hear that stanky intro?"
by Dave Ground November 16, 2006
A form of jazz that is slow, dirty, and swings like nothing else - often prompts a "mmm-hmmm" from listeners.
The Mooche by Ellington is so stanky.
by Le Honey February 06, 2005
a person that is ugly looking
who looks like just woke up or just got fucked

the smells of a wet pussay and has a shitty face
guy:Gurl your stanky

gurl: i just got fuked

guy: yup yup
by Sha nay nay Bone Shiqua December 22, 2009
A term used in place of stinky to describe female genetalia of particular pungency. Not necessarily derogatory due to the fact that odor often results from a female becoming sexually aroused. Usually used in conjunction with the noun "pussy".
I wouldn't mind gettin' some of that stanky pussy!
by numerator April 30, 2005
The act of being a total ass hole. When your mad when you didnt get your way, and being a total bitch to everybody for no reason.
Dont be Stanky because we aint going to Mcdonalds, damn!
by The Real J Cizzle October 06, 2005

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