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A poorly-enunciated varient of the word "Stinky." Most often used by those with poor grammatical skills or by the wangsters. Avoid those people at all costs!
Noob1: "Damn. Yah momma's so stanky, da gawbage man-"

EducatedMan/Woman: "Shut the fuck up, retard! "Stanky" is not a word, nooblet!"

Noob1: :( -Cries in the corner-
by TiureJabba April 19, 2010
Skunk weed, Chronic
"A Henry of stankies, my good man.Your prices are most favourable."
by Mather September 13, 2003
Stanky means super smelly. Either that, or you just say that they're stanky.
Girl, you stanky.

Ew look at her, she's giving me a stanky look.

Oh heeeil no, she won't stop arguing with me, she's being stanky to everyone lately.
by stankytriple15 July 28, 2012
adj. funky

(in the sense that "stank" is a synonym for "funk,") derived by the face one often makes when hearing something funky, which resembles the face one makes when smelling something rancid (or stanky).
Victor Wooten can play some stanky bass.
by D. Fagen July 07, 2012
A person (place or thing) that literally (sort of) drips of funk and soul. Having the presence of stank.
That bass line is stanky.
by Tee Dizzle August 13, 2011
A term coined by jazz musicians meaning: "Great" when referring to jazz music or other music, generally solos.

Similar to "Dank" "Sweet" "Big" "Fat"

See: Stankalicious, Stanktastic and Stank
"Man, that trumpet solo was stanky"
"All I could hear was that stanky bassline"
"Did you guys hear that stanky drumfill?"
by TheAngeloMoment January 15, 2012
1. Anything with a repulsive odor, bad smelling, stinking, slang for "Stinky".

2. Not good, less than adequate.
1. That sh*t stanky, close them legs!

2. That bitch is stanky, she cannot compete with mine.
by coinerr November 29, 2011