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Stanky pudding is a term for female genitalia engaged in cunnilingus, while also in need of hygienic attention. This could be due to performing physical activity in a hot environment but not having access to sufficient cleaning facilities for a day or more afterwards.
Jill: "I wanted to teach Jack a lesson about shoving his nasty wiener in my face after he's done at the gym. So after my two week camping trip with no running water, I stopped at his house on my way home and gave him the stanky pudding. Unfortunately, he loved it."

Jack: "Jill missed me so much while she was camping, she stopped at my house on her way home and sat on my face. I came all over the ceiling."
#tuna taco #fish taco #crotch rot #stinky vagina #dirty vagina #stinky pudding #box rot #stench trench #stinky tuna
by butlerj March 21, 2014
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