the dance originated in the D-town area.
it's a new dance to a lot of areas, but it involves doing the dougie, jiggin, and the durty booty.

It's where your spread one leg out, rotate it in the fashion to the beat...
"AYEEEEEEEE, do the stanky leg bro"
by Nazli February 19, 2009
Another term for increased blood-flow to the male penis resulting in a hardening state. Also known as an erection and/or boner.
Tyson is that a stanky leg I gave you? Says Breanne.
by gsboyz May 11, 2009
A dance move created after a girl who had bled over her leg from her period, and then tried to shake it off.
Look at Susie do the stanky leg! She can really shake it.
by Artemis Entreri March 27, 2009
getting your girlfriend off with your leg
My girlfriend was on the rag, so I gave her the stanky leg.
by katrina white April 04, 2009
Dance to the song Stanky leg.

Usually done by hyphy black people.

Ex: Dance really hot and while you are dancing pee on your leg

Ex2:it means you gottta not take a shower for a few weeks and then when your leg is covered in flies, then you break your leg
Kontrell Jr: Aye maynee I got dis new dance fo you its called the stanky leg

Wanquisha: Yeah fam watch me snap and grab mah knee

by Tatianalisha August 11, 2008
After a man has anal sex with a woman and his dick is coated in shit.
Guy 1: Yeah man I was with Jessica last night and I fucked her up the butt.
Guy 2: Nice man, did you get a STANKY LEG?
Guy 1: Ugggh yeah man and it smelt awful!
by SH1ZER September 23, 2008
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