The smell of your leg when you shit your pants and it runs down your sock.
You smell that? Either that guy has been working barefoot in the fields all day or he's got a stanky leg.
by das64 September 04, 2009
When a fine girl is dancing on your leg in the club, and she hasn't showered or cleaned herself in a while. So you shake your leg off to the side to get the smell away.

"Damn dude, I had to do the stanky leg to get that girl's smell away."
by kat_bebe11 April 23, 2009
One of the worst songs ever made in the history of music.
Hey, look at that dumb nigger doin' the "Stanky Leg".
by Steve Wilkos June 14, 2009
the worst dance ever invented

it is used by gay people at club or rave parties when they cant think of anything fresh or hip

it involves spinning your leg in a circle while stepping on your outmost toe.

very hard to pull off and even more difficult to get chics with.

i once did the stanky leg and cried on my bed for 5 hours because i had done a horrible deed
you:" check that shit out i just pulled a combo of the soulja boy, drop lock it pop it, the robot, and a heelflip at the same time

random fag: " yah well i did the stanky leg!!"
by xDJ SkiZZx July 24, 2009
The girl shits on the man's penis and proceeds to give him a footjob.
Jill gave Jack a Stanky Leg while was playing GS Boyz in the background.
by benny boo218 December 02, 2009
when a black women has a smelly , sweaty vagina so she does the stanky leg to air it out
LaFonda was dancing so much, she got sweaty so she did the stanky leg to air it out
by Laine Lou April 07, 2009
the dance originated in the D-town area.
it's a new dance to a lot of areas, but it involves doing the dougie, jiggin, and the durty booty.

It's where your spread one leg out, rotate it in the fashion to the beat...
"AYEEEEEEEE, do the stanky leg bro"
by Nazli February 19, 2009

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