Really good and stinky weed in a cigar or blunt. It is called stank bomb since normally, stronger weed gives off a more intense odor than swag.
Joe: "Dude, come blaze this stank bomb witcha boy!"

Me: "Ok, hell yeah!"
by D0p3b0yfr3sh February 26, 2013
Top Definition
A variant of stanker. A pungent, deadly, and sometimes carcinigous aroma that rips out of ones anus with deadly velocity. Alerts all to its danger through a noise similar to a fart, but has the potential to cause cartilage damage and/or leaks.
Whoa, did you hear that stank bomb? Better get out quick, this rooms gonna smell like raw ASS!!!
by Webster Strikes Again, BIATCH January 02, 2005
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