The crowd-like roar that echoes through the mind during a particularly intense orgasm.
Their incredibly romantic evening ended in the only suitable way: with a standing o-vation.
by Rob in the 'Hood January 19, 2010
Top Definition
when you got 'the clap' so bad u cant sit down.
nigga fucked Lateesha now he gettin a standing ovation. respect!
by KFED April 17, 2006
Where a man sticks both of his feet in a woman's vagina.
I heard Sarah has had a standing ova-tion five times!
by JimmyDubroc December 02, 2010
when a man has sex with a girl while standing up by fucking her in the ass, fingering her, feeling her breasts, and making out with her.
John liked Jane so much he gave her a standing ovation.

A standing ovation is a great way to let a girl know that you like her.
by physics nerds '12 October 09, 2009
when you take a shit that's so big it sticks out of the toilet bowl water.
after eating at that mexican restaurant i went into their bathroom and gave a standing ovation- too bad i can never go back there again.
by Mikey Lancaster April 14, 2007
When a girl with "Butterfly Wings" stands up after sex and jumps up and down making her pussy sound like someone is clapping!
When Andrea got done fucking Jeremy she stood up after and gave him a "Standing Ovation"!
by DiZzY dOn November 20, 2007
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