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A slang term for a woman who derives pleasure from performing oral sex on another female, i.e. is a lesbian.
Dude , look at her, I bet she's a stamp licker.
by slssfw April 24, 2005
A person who is on food stamps or other goverment tax subsidy welfare program. 99% are Democrats, most easily identified by their lack of self pride or work ethic.
"Leroy must be a stamp licker as how I never see him working"
by Water the Tree August 03, 2013
a guy who licks another guys asshole
phil just got his stamp licked and sealed my josh
by K-MONEY June 17, 2003
a mentally handicapped person
that stamp lickers tongue hangs so far outta his mouth he should get a job outside the post office.
by the colonel December 06, 2003