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Stamina is the ability to last for a decent amount of time when doing an activity - usually a long or particularily straining activity such as a marathon, without becoming too exhasted or tired.
I lasted the whole football match - I have good stamina!

My stamina is excellent - I won a marathon
by Who cares? January 27, 2006
1. Length of time one lasts in a sexual encounter before climaxing. Additionally, number of successive copulations or climaxes one can achieve.

2. Plural of stamen, which technically is also sexual.
I always get dumped because I lack stamina in bed.

In Carmina 32, Catullus promises his girl 7 successive copulations -- he must have a lot of stamina.

I wonder how much stamina stamina have during pollination. (Talk about the birds and the bees....)
by Gaius Valerius November 23, 2007