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Chance and Real from I Love New York and I Love Money
Guy 1: Yo man, the Stallionaires are tight?

Guy 2: The fake ass gangsta and the gay cowboy?

Guy 1: Yeah, they're tight!

Guy 2: They hang around a jew with a blackcent.

Guy 1: Yeah, he's awesome!

Guy 2: Nigga, you gay.
by GoobNasty August 11, 2008
33 27
Two whack ass niggas that think being on a reality show will jump-start their rapping career.
Crappy TV Watcher: Yo man, you see the Stallionaires last night?

Normal Person: What the fuck are you talking about?

by GoobNasty August 11, 2008
59 29
someone who enjoys having sexual relations with black stallions ie: delicious big black men

otherwise known as katie huston
Man shes a stallionaire, she only goes for the chocolate men.
by babs barbara streisands October 03, 2008
14 13
Really large cocks.
Those two black men had some stallionaires.
by Pooperz February 23, 2009
3 7