a guy who constantly im's random girls on the internet. usually using multiple multiple screennames when one is blocked.also uses lame e-pick up lines. ie. loser, rucari.
rucari 1:when u sey 'lmao' do you really laugh ur ass off?
girl1: stfu leave me alone

rucari 2: please dont block me again
girl1: leave me the hell alone

rucari 3: please dont block me again
girl1: leave me the hell alone

rucari 4: please dont block me again
girl1: leave me the hell alone, why are you such a stalker?
by THE PO-LICE June 22, 2006
A games player who skulks about in the back ground looking for an opportunity to kill Mame and torture, usually has all the best guns on a game and all the best hiding places and probably put 30 quid into the online game to buy guns and characters and pretend that hes just great at the game, with the name Steven and sits to long phoning his girlfriend who usually fashion mad woman with a ring tone that would drop a horses anal contents half a field away.
That Stalker is a hacking bastard, he uses that gun again and i am out of here!
by shuggiedoox2 September 13, 2009
an overly flirty girl from work who hasnt been getting enough dick
dont hang out with jenny mang she just a stalker ho
by skater3266 February 16, 2009
1. a person who follows you 2. a person that is so creepy and obsessive that you think they might stalk you. 3. Emily Brianna Baker 4. Someone who finds out your schedule and doesn't have every class with you

-Dude, is that your stalker?
-Yeah, I found them in my bushes last night.

-Ugh, he is so creepy.

-Ugh, she looks just like a stalker. Look at her by locker 356.

-She found out my schedule under the pretense of a joke!
-What a stalker!
by NotGrace February 01, 2009
is the one who follows another one or "thing"
could be animal or human to achieve something that always wanted and for personal interest also that thing
could be

the most sensible examples of this are
Predatore "movie"
and the game "s.t.a.l.k.e.r"
I think he is stalking me!!
look! do you see that man over there!!! he is a stalker.
by S.T.A.L.K.E.R November 23, 2008
a girl that follows you in a purple eclipse for hours...
and hours and hours of stalker...
by as;kdfjakwln October 07, 2008
In addition to describing the real obsessive watcher (maybe sexual or maybe hater) who cannot be discouraged by acceptable social means -- the slang usage more commonly refers to...

The Politically Correct way to publicly cast "criminal" suspicion on an undesirable person before your "real" friends think you find the undesirable person's friendship or sexual interest acceptable.

Also a term used in a popular juvenile game of the social elite similar to the 1600's "witch hunt" "game". The idea is if enough members of the social elite call someone a stalker then members of the opposite sex will prove their acknowledgment of your elitism by taking punitive action against the one called stalker. The rules of the game include the concepts that

(1) the fewer and faster the punitive action, the more elite the members who originally designated the target called stalker -- or at least the closer they are to being able to join that group, e.g. tentative acknowledgment by the elite.

(2) the sooner someone joins in calling stalker against a selected target the more accepted they are among the elite group and their followers -- or at least they are conscious and accepting of the righteous rule of the elite and are less likely to be a target of some social game themselves.

(3) all the classic benefits of the "pecking order" modified by the idea that the farther you drive someone down, the higher you raise yourself up.

(4) all the joys of future lawyers and politicians in doing something deliciously evil while staying within the boundaries normally described as legal and saintly.

(5) you can't trust enough people after leaving high school or college to make the game work any more.
All the Cheerleaders said the new kid who skipped a grade and had a hairlip was a stalker who peek in their bathroom. So the football team caught him after school and cut off his nuts. But nobody got arrested after the police heard what the cheerleaders said even though the new kid was only at school one day. A bunch of us gave the Prom Queen and King his nuts to use as fuzzy dice when they drove to the dance. What a laugh. Such losers should just kill themselves before their show their faces at OUR school.
by dudelookslikeachimp January 22, 2008

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