Most guys who have dated, dumped, had sex with, or expressed interest in, a pud shucker. The remainder are all kiddy diddlers, weirdos, psychos or some other horribly objectional human vermin.
Joe: "People are saying that B.J. is saying you are a stalker."
Jason: "Everyone who has ever gone on a date with B.J. is a stalker."
Joe: "Not in reality."
Jason: "Exactly. Even looking at her twice sets the bitch off."
by JAFR2 January 24, 2009
One who has a collection of pictures of the infactuated person and carries it around everywhere.
She is a scary stalker. She stole his own picture from him.

by Teena Pee June 19, 2005
1. someone who hacks EVERYONES computer
2. someone who bugs peoples phones
3. someone who drives around peoples place of residency
who's the stalker?
by PineappleJuice March 03, 2015
emily sika
"you know that girl emily sika?"
"you mean that girl who is a stalker and likes everyones pictures and knows everything about everyone?"
"yeah, she appeared at my house last night"
by SUSANBANTHONY June 21, 2012
One who is constantly following and trying to find out things about a certain person. They're completely obsessed with them. AKA Snickers.
Snickers knows all of Alli's friends names and myspaces. What a stalker.
by PissyMissy February 11, 2007
Person who calls at all hours of the night/day and harasses you about slashing tires and throwing rocks
Gwen, I know you did it, I just want to come over and fix this face to face sweety, don't worry, I wont hurt you to bad
by Carizzle August 30, 2003
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