guardian stranger
What a stalker. He said guardian stranger.
by you know me but i don't know y December 14, 2011
One who is constantly following and trying to find out things about a certain person. They're completely obsessed with them. AKA Snickers.
Snickers knows all of Alli's friends names and myspaces. What a stalker.
by PissyMissy February 11, 2007
Person who calls at all hours of the night/day and harasses you about slashing tires and throwing rocks
Gwen, I know you did it, I just want to come over and fix this face to face sweety, don't worry, I wont hurt you to bad
by Carizzle August 30, 2003
A games player who skulks about in the back ground looking for an opportunity to kill Mame and torture, usually has all the best guns on a game and all the best hiding places and probably put 30 quid into the online game to buy guns and characters and pretend that hes just great at the game, with the name Steven and sits to long phoning his girlfriend who usually fashion mad woman with a ring tone that would drop a horses anal contents half a field away.
That Stalker is a hacking bastard, he uses that gun again and i am out of here!
by shuggiedoox2 September 13, 2009
a guy who constantly im's random girls on the internet. usually using multiple multiple screennames when one is blocked.also uses lame e-pick up lines. ie. loser, rucari.
rucari 1:when u sey 'lmao' do you really laugh ur ass off?
girl1: stfu leave me alone

rucari 2: please dont block me again
girl1: leave me the hell alone

rucari 3: please dont block me again
girl1: leave me the hell alone

rucari 4: please dont block me again
girl1: leave me the hell alone, why are you such a stalker?
by THE PO-LICE June 22, 2006
1. Someone who pursues by tracking stealthily.
2. Someone who follows or observes (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.
3. Billy Miller.
4. Those two girls in wigs.
"Stalker is such a harsh word.. I prefer pursuer."
"Or observing with a passion!"
-Those two girls in wigs
by Sabishii211 March 26, 2004
a girl that follows you in a purple eclipse for hours...
and hours and hours of stalker...
by as;kdfjakwln October 07, 2008

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