Acronym meaning Scavenger, Trespasser, Adventurer, Loner, Killer, Explorer, Robber. Typically lone wolf types that infiltrate dangerous areas to smuggle out loot to sell.
Any and all STALKERS caught attempting to sneak into The Zone will be shot on sight by the military patrols.
by FunkySmellingFinger April 13, 2015
1. someone who hacks EVERYONES computer
2. someone who bugs peoples phones
3. someone who drives around peoples place of residency
who's the stalker?
by PineappleJuice March 03, 2015
One who has a collection of pictures of the infactuated person and carries it around everywhere.
She is a scary stalker. She stole his own picture from him.

by Teena Pee June 19, 2005
emily sika
"you know that girl emily sika?"
"you mean that girl who is a stalker and likes everyones pictures and knows everything about everyone?"
"yeah, she appeared at my house last night"
by SUSANBANTHONY June 21, 2012
A new unit introduced in Starcraft 2 for the Protoss faction.
It costs 125 Minerals and 50 Gas and is a powerful tier 2 unit that has nice range and therefore powerful when massed.

The stalker is also one of the most effective anti-air units in the game, especially with the mid-game "Blink" upgrade which allows intense micro and the ability to chase down units that are usually much faster.
OMFG stupid toss noobs massed 50 stalkers and blinked them past my wall >:O
by Azzie11156 October 04, 2010
1. When someone calls someone at 1 in the morning and says "can you come outside because i wanna meet you, and im right by your house?", and you didn't even tell that person where you live.

2. Someone who has no friends so they steal your friends and decide to find out where they live.

3. A whore named bree.
"HEY! I'm outside you house...wanna hang out??"

"It's bree im outside your house right now and i wanna meet you!"
"I need a restraining order from bree, that stalker!"

by Stalkeerrrrr April 14, 2009
Most guys who have dated, dumped, had sex with, or expressed interest in, a pud shucker. The remainder are all kiddy diddlers, weirdos, psychos or some other horribly objectional human vermin.
Joe: "People are saying that B.J. is saying you are a stalker."
Jason: "Everyone who has ever gone on a date with B.J. is a stalker."
Joe: "Not in reality."
Jason: "Exactly. Even looking at her twice sets the bitch off."
by JAFR2 January 24, 2009

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