a creepy old guy that stalks hot teens
why is this old creepy guy always folowing me that damn mofo
by fil April 03, 2005
OMGWTFBBW!! This fucking creepy guy won't leave me alone!! He keeps sending me flowers, and asking me out on dates! He called me, and left a suicidal message on my answering machine! WTF! He has a wall covered with my pictures! HELP!!!
by yougot0wn3d November 05, 2004
Following around the person you like even though they hate you and would wish to hit you with a scalding hot frying pan if legal. Some people call this stalking. I call it love.
Monica is always following around Jordan. His friends shout stalker at her across the hall. But she doesn't stalk him. She just loves him and likes to admire his fine buttocks while walking behind him.
by The Shadow Molestor April 03, 2005
On the Internet - the annoying menu that chases your progress down a Web page.
I went to Bob's new Web site - I love it except for the annoying stalker.
by Cobalt's Dad November 13, 2007
Someone who looks through all your photos but doesn't comment.
Pablo: Dude, Jenna has this cute fluffy pillow. I always wanted one of those!
Paco: How do you know about that? Stalker.
Pablo: Uhh uhh well... Well how do you know about that!
Paco: Uhh...
by losersquaredthatsme March 14, 2009
Someone who is obsessed with another person so much that their whole life is following that person. They eat, sleep, breathe that person and sometimes want to be that person! wow, isnt that creapy? The type of person a stalker might stalk is their crush, ex wife or ex girlfriend or maybe someone they want to become. Typical things a stalker might do: follow you home from school/work, drive past your house often, hide in your bushes and watch you sleep, collect tissues you've used. Stalkers are EVERYWHERE, the best thing to do when being confronted by a stalker is remain calm, dont get a restraining order...that only makes them more mad.
girl- *walks out of her house* What's that? Whos there? *looks up in tree* OmG! who the fuck are you! get out of here you stalker!
stalker- No please! i love you! i need you! you = my life!
girl- HELP!!! someone help me! *runs into house, but stalker is already there waiting* howd u get in here so fast!
stalker- dont fight it, accept it...
girl- no help!!!!
stalker- *kidnaps girl and keeps her in his basement referring to her as 'Queen' and 'Mother'
by M954 May 27, 2008
Creepy Bastard
Goes by the name of Chris, frequents staring at girls from bus windows. Thinks everyone likes him, even the guys
by The Writers May 19, 2004
One who knows everything about someone
License plate #, Vehicle style, house they live in, church they go to, thinks about them all the time
by paniterly one October 21, 2003
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