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a creepy old guy that stalks hot teens
why is this old creepy guy always folowing me that damn mofo
by fil April 03, 2005
n); A person who you never talk to or don't even know who know's your name and addresses you with it.
Bill- Hey Craig.
Craig- I don't know you, your a stalker.
by Dylmeyster Flex November 27, 2003
A small and annoying mexican twat who strives to be exactly like his one and only master, hydrochu. Often found in local brothels sucking large amounts of penis.
To stalker, To want to be like hydro.
To stalker, To such alot of man penis.
by dogbadge April 07, 2003
to own luke the penix
to pwn luke the penix
by goatsebadge April 07, 2003