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a creepy old guy that stalks hot teens
why is this old creepy guy always folowing me that damn mofo
by fil April 03, 2005
a lurker with gusto
"As a stalker, Johnny surfs the internet profiiles with gusto, bookmarking people he would like to meet, yet not e-mailing them."
by Electra March 23, 2004
A girl who lost their best guy friend to another girl and now constantly calls and asks her "past best guy friend" questions all of the time about the other girl and him because she is so obsessive and has been replaced.
Now that SHE has been replaced by ME she is calling him all of the time and asking him if we have spooned and then doesn't even believe him, and comes and asks me....who does that?!?!
by SeXtRiSt November 30, 2003
Gotta catch 'em all.
most woman i know.
by Fat-ass-whore August 25, 2003
a horrible horney fucking bastard who is a player and wants his dick to get some attention which we all know wont happen thank god
goes by the name of josh, (aka,frank,minnie mouse)who we all hate
by kristin June 25, 2004
stalker normally follows people around and stares at there ass as much as the possible can stalkers can be from
fat to skinny it dosent really matter there all shapes sizes and types
landon at wlms wont stop being a stupid gay stalker.
by rawr12345 November 26, 2006
A hot, sexy beast who everyone loves.
That guys is such a Stalker.
by Stalker October 14, 2004
a person who is extremely ugly who tried to rape you at a school dance ( you only danced with him because it was dark) and he follows you around school looking nauseatingly ugly and asks your friends for you info: name, number, 1st period class etc. this person never has a chance but it is fun to lead them on and play head games and make them think they actually have a chance of getting their sorry ass with you.
what the hell, why is that ugly mofo following me? hes a fucking stalker!
by Being stalked April 05, 2003