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Way of measuring the creepiness of a stalker on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the creepiest. To break it down:

1-3: Non-threatening stalker. Might be creepy but not always. Unlikely to force a meeting or conversation between themself and the stalkee.

4-6: Has the potential to seek the stalkee out, but won't for certain. The middle ground on the stalker level, for those stalkers whose motives you aren't sure of.

7-9: Creepy stalker. Will go out of his or her way to try and meet or converse with the stalkee. Never knowingly go to a place you may encounter a 7-9 level stalker by yourself.

10: File the restraining order.
To determine how serious your stalker problem is, consult the stalker level scale.
by el greco January 20, 2007