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a person that is getting stalked.
holy s**t i'm ridda's stalkee
by BiANCA BEE April 27, 2007
61 17
Someone who is being stalked by the stalker. Usually the person is hot. Sometimes used to replace the name of the person so they don't find out.
Taylor: OMG did you see Stalkee today?
Me: yessss omg he is soo hot!!
Taylor: I know!!
Stewie: Who's the Stalkee?
Me: umm no one... *Stalkee stands right behind me*
by Ilovestalkee!! January 23, 2009
40 10
(n) A person who is being stalked. Not the stalker, the stalk-ee.
Creepy Guy=Stalker
Unsuspecting Girl=Stalk-ee
by Found and Lost May 16, 2005
28 6
The person getting stalkerized.
OMFG Micah told me I AM the stalkee :(
by Diane aka the BITCH July 02, 2005
23 27